It’s hard to summarize who I am in a short statement.  I am a man from a varied background.  I come from Western Canada and have had the pleasure of living in BC, Alberta and now in Ontario.  It seems by chance how I got involved in photography, but I’m now obsessed.  We all need a creative outlet.  A few things about me.

  •   I am a father of two amazing kids, which cemented my love of photography and our need to capture the precious moments in life.

  • I have an amazing, creative and inspirational wife.  She has really pushed me, and without her I wouldn’t be where I am today with my art.

  • I love art.  I consider photography a beautiful expression of how a person sees the world and is as individual as a painter’s canvas.

  • I am a nerd. The glasses aren’t just for looks.  Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  All things fantastic, amazing and scientific capture my attention.

  • I love nature.  However, I never seem to have enough time to enjoy it as much as I would like.

  • Beer and I are good friends.

  • Food and I are good friends.  However, I have saved many a salmon in my day… not my thing.

  • The opportunities photography have given me has given me the travel bug. I’ve seen many parts of Canada, the beautiful islands of the south, parts of the US and Europe.



I get the opportunity to witness the intimacy between two people and share their story.  I feel truly lucky to be able to capture those moments and that story that help define a couple.  I provide more than a service, I capture love.  I hope that my pictures are something a couple will look back well into their old age and remember who they are with and why they chose to follow each other through in life.  Wedding photos are a portal to the past, and are a great artistic canvas.