Sherri and Orlando

I was particularly excited this year for Sherri and Orlando's wedding.  I love to travel, yet haven't had much opportunity to do so since my kids were born.  This is my second year into the wedding business and I have been fortunate to travel several times, but there is a certain excitement about getting the opportunity to return home to Alberta and shoot in my old stomping grounds.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that the wedding took place in Canmore, which looks entirely like a postcard.

I met Orlando many years ago, long before i began taking photography seriously, so I was unbelievably happy when he asked me to photograph his wedding and meet his wife to be.  Sherri was an absolute gem.  She hails from the east coast, and has all of the east coast sensibilities and hospitality that I love.  The two kids were crazy in love and it was an absolute honour for them to ask me to be there and trek through the back-mountain woods with them.  Thank you again you two and I hope everyone enjoys their story.

Paul Sanderson3 Comments