Chelsea and Brooks

Chelsea and Brooks' day was a lively, ornate and a creative mix of masculine and feminine elements. The decor was earthy, complex and beautifully eclectic. Set in a century old re-purposed church, the venue was the perfect location for the event. Every detail was carefully curated like the set of a movie, from the funky-fresh Motown sounds of the Hornettes Bands to the hand bleached skulls that lined the family style tables, that looked like something out of game of thrones. It was a beautiful production. 

A little bit about the couple, besides being two of the down right coolest folks I know.  Brooks is the owner of a cinema company and produces everything from advertisements to independent movies and is described as a creative genius by his friends, and you can see it in the way he lives his life and in every conversation.  Chelsea is as beautiful as she is kind with such a warm personaility.  The two really do compliment each other so well. 

Thank you Chelsea and Brooks for an amazing wedding and amazing people.

Venue: All Saints and Billings Estate Museum

Designer: Satin and Snow

Dress: Made with Love

Music: The Hornettes

DJ: Marc Charron

Hair and Makeup: Jenny Heaney and Erin den Ouden

Officiant: George Marriage

Catering: My Catering Group

Jen and Jon

Jen and Jon are two of the sweetest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Jen is a classic beauty with a large infectious smile, and Jon is a poet, an author and a romantic. They chose to celebrate their union at Eighteen Restaurant in Ottawa. If you’ve never been, it is a beautiful and classy stone walled building with large windows that let in the most beautiful pockets of light. The menu is sophisticated, and the décor is contemporary with Art Deco influences.

Jen and Jon chose to have their first look at the Arboretum in Ottawa, in the moments leading up to the big reveal, Jon’s excitement and nerves grew. The actual reveal was beautiful, emotional and I count myself lucky to have witnessed it.

Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Jen and Jon made their promises to each other through poetic, heartfelt vows. There was a rose ceremony to honour their mothers and every detail was thoughtful. Jen and Jon went the extra mile to honour their friends and family by including personalized messages to their guests at each place setting.

Jen and Jon were two of the most humble and thankful people, and I could not be happier that they chose me to capture their special day.

Kate and Doug

I don't know exactly where to start with Kate and Doug's wedding, as I'm often lost for words when describing something so damn magnificent. It was a real pleasure to capture their day.

 People traveled from all over the globe to be there.  I met people from Dubai, Scotland, England and beyond.  Clearly a testimate to Kate and Doug.  All everyone could say was how sweet, kind and generous the two were and it was evident that they were surrounded by so much love and adoration.  

Kate is an expat living in London England and Doug is a London local.  The two met by complete chance at a rugby match in Dubai.  When you hear a story like theirs, it is pretty incredible to think about chance, timing and the odds of meeting one's soul mate half way around the world at a large sporting event. Yet it is pretty evident that these two are a perfect match. Doug's quiet nature compliments Kate's warmth and confidence. I mean... this girl really knew how to charm the camera.  

Side note: Can I just say that Ottawa weddings could use a few more London socials?  The attire was so dapper and elegant, everything I'd assume a proper British event would include, (but maybe that is because Pride and Prejudice has really swayed my opinions of what constitutes modern dress). 

The wedding took place at a family Estate in Dunrobin, the location was a dream, rolling hills, views of the Ottawa River, and charming old stone buildings. Straight out of a Jane Austin novel. 

Everyone was in fine form, the party really kicked into high gear when the Scotts started breaking it down to the amazing British cover band "The Start". There were casino tables and even an appearance from Ottawa's best Gellato, Stella Luna. 

Special thanks goes to Charlotte Northrope for her assistance during the day, and tip of the hat to the videographer Emily Beekman, it is always a pleasure to work with such amazing talent.  

Enjoy folks


Dress: Leanne marshal

Makeup: Klava Z makeup

Music: The start

desert: Stella Luna

Video: Emily Beekman

Lee and Jon

For those that don't know, I grew up most of my life in Kelowna, British Columbia.  I left for school when I was 20 and moved to Alberta, and from there I made my way to Ottawa.  I'm sure this is a common theme, but I never really appreciated where I lived growing up, and now that I have been gone for many years I seriously miss this place.  I miss BC, I miss the mountains, I miss Lake Okanagan and the Ogopogo.  

Lee and Jon are two of the sweetest people I could ever describe. They currently live in Montreal, and with the help of their family, they planned an epic day at the Laurel Packing House. The LPH is a very cool venue that has a museum dedicated to the orchard industry within the event space. The location has industrial vibes, exposed brick and just the right amount of soft drapery and light to create the perfect place for an intimate party with some great folks.  

The morning started out with the girls getting ready at Lee's parents home. The home was flooded with gorgeous light, modern lines and overlooked the Okanagan and a vineyard. Secretly I wished they would adopt me so I could wake up to that view each morning.  

The Ceremony was intimate, the speeches were funny and heartfelt, each detail reflected the couple's personality and style perfectly. We had a blast running around in the hills and the evening ended with an epic dance party. 

I feel so very fortunate that Lee and Jon approached me to be a part of their special day. I have always dreamed of shooting in Kelowna; The weather is beautiful, the mountains and rolling hills, along with the great Okanagan lake make for a stunning backdrop to capture a couple of kids in love, so this was absolutely a dream come true.

Flowers: Petal and Vow

DJ: John Byrne

Dress: Truvelle bridal


Andreanne and Seb

A beautiful wedding at the picturesque Le Belvedere on a bitterly cold day this last December.  there were so many details of this wedding that i loved.  Andreanne had a tailored royal blue dress that blew me away and was absolutely vibrant with the snowy hills as a backdrop.  Her dad wore the family kilt and looked outstanding and her sister was the officiant that did an amazing job of the ceremony.  Also, for cocktail hour her two incredibly talented friends played a live violin and obo set that blew me away.  So all and all a wonderful winter wedding.  

Thank you Andreanne and Seb for a great day and an amazing party with some fantastic folks.

Sherri and Orlando

I was particularly excited this year for Sherri and Orlando's wedding.  I love to travel, yet haven't had much opportunity to do so since my kids were born.  This is my second year into the wedding business and I have been fortunate to travel several times, but there is a certain excitement about getting the opportunity to return home to Alberta and shoot in my old stomping grounds.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that the wedding took place in Canmore, which looks entirely like a postcard.

I met Orlando many years ago, long before i began taking photography seriously, so I was unbelievably happy when he asked me to photograph his wedding and meet his wife to be.  Sherri was an absolute gem.  She hails from the east coast, and has all of the east coast sensibilities and hospitality that I love.  The two kids were crazy in love and it was an absolute honour for them to ask me to be there and trek through the back-mountain woods with them.  Thank you again you two and I hope everyone enjoys their story.

Tina and John

Tina and John's wedding a grand and spectacular.  It may have rained an absurd amount, but it didn't deter anyone from enjoy the day, nor did it dampen their spirits.  Tina and John were an absolute pleasure, and I hope you enjoy the story of their day.

Special thanks as always to Christine Fortier for her assistance on the day.

Venue: Orchard view

Hair: Gabiani hair salon (Lilian Bakhos and Natasha Kassis)

DJ: DJ tones

Flowers and Decor: Moonlight Wedding and Decor

Dress: Baroness Bridal

Lisa and Ben

I had the pleasure of photographing two of the most humble and kind people.  Lots of love for Lisa and Ben at the Belvedere. Hope you enjoy their magical day.

Venue: LeBelvedere 

Florist: Ottawa Flowers

Linens: Groovy Linens

Live Music: Angelina Hunter

Dress from: Janyne Adamyk Bridal Couture

Anna and Al

Two genuinely gracious people.  Anna and Al really put everything into their big wedding day, and I couldn't have been happier to be there to capture their memories.  Thank you Anna and Al for such a beautiful day.  Enjoy.

Special thanks to Christine Fortier for her skillful assistance on the day.

Annik and Remi

Annik and Remi celebrated their marriage at Bean Town Ranch, just outside of Rockland.  A beautiful venue with rustic barns, beautiful ponds and surrounded by nature.  Annik and Remi were the perfect couple: relaxed, excited and totally in love. 

Annik was so thrilled to be married on Canada Day, bringing all of her favourite people together from Ottawa region and Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario.  I’ve met several people from Kap before, and one thing they all have in common is their small town generosity and their excellent tolerance to booze.  Bean town seemed like the perfect location with great food, all the amenities and I can’t forget one of the most important attractions… Bean Town ranch has fireworks.

If anyone knows Canada day in the capital region, we typically have amazing weather interrupted by some random freak storm.  This day was no different.  We had incredible weather to begin the day, and right as we began their portraits the rain came… it was light at first, but by the time their first dance was to take place, the real storm hit.  We all became a new level of soaked.   However, Annik and Remi took it like champions.  And most importantly, when the storm broke Annik got her perfect moment with Remi, dancing under the night sky filled with fireworks!

Hats off to the amazing staff at Bean Town Ranch, the guest who shielded me from the torrential downpour and protected my gear and of course thank you Annik and Remi for including me on your incredible day!