Heck Yeah!

I recently had the chance to attend Heck Yeah photo camp, in Joshua Tree, California.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I first signed up, on a completely compulsive whim, I was enticed by the incredible line up speakers who have always truly inspire me.  Jonas Peterson, Gabe McClintock, Benj Haisch, Dylan Howell, Ben Sasso, Lara Jade, Parker Fitzgerald, Sam Hurd and Sara Byrne.  My nature is not to be overly compulsive, but while my mind was still blown by this opportunity, I found myself throwing money at my phone and the trip was booked.


I was completely unsure what to expect as this was my first workshop/conference or anything with photography, but I was excited to see what this week panned out to be.  The whole snow storm in Washington threatened to cancel the trip, but by sleeping on random airport benches I managed to get to California and was given a wonderful welcome by the incredible Ottawa based photographers Joel and Justina Bedford. 


The camp was quite simple a gathering of creative folks, who share a common passion to create art.  Experience and success were put aside, and out of it came a community that was simply a common forum for creatives to talk, laugh and learn.  Although the camp was only a few days, I met and bonded with some incredible people from all around the world who I now proudly call friends and hope to see again soon.  Those speakers, whose art I always looked up to, became human beings, and likewise a part of this incredible community.  The morning guided hikes by Ryan Longnecker, Parker and Benj were some of the most incredible experiences I’ve had.  I maybe had a total of 9 hours sleep the whole week, but it was worth every second.


I left feeling fulfilled and immensely inspired.  I have to thank Ben and all the incredible photographers I had the chance to meet, it was an incredible journey.