Laura and Casey

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Laura and Casey.  A dynamite couple.  Laura is boisterous, and warm and Casey is quiet and as Amanda says… adorable.


I was thrilled for this wedding for a multitude of reasons, Laura and Casey’s personality aside, when I first had the opportunity to meet with the couple to discuss their big day it really became apparent.  Their wedding was in Gananoque, which I had never been to, so when I saw it for the first time I was blown away.  Gorgeous rolling hills, check.  Beautiful water, check.  Quaint little town, check.  Also, when I met with the two I had the opportunity to meet at the family farm where Laura grew up.  I have a soft spot for farmers, as my whole family comes from Rural Saskatchewan, and I spent every summer running around on tractors, in Quonsets and in fields on the family farm.  The entire family was close and so warm.  My kids spent the day in their pool, while we talked business.  Couldn’t have been better.  Plus they gave me beef from the family butchery, so clearly they knew the route straight to my heart.


Casey, Laura and her father took us on a tour of their farm, which was breathtaking.  It made my mind run wild and I was so happy that on the day of the wedding we were able to come back to take some shots of the couple on their families land.  Laura was a trooper, as we had some rain that day and she trudged through the mud and rain like an all-star, and I am so thankful that we were able to capture some of those beautiful moments running through the rain.


The speeches were some of the best I have heard, complete with comedy, tears, wardrobe changes and ahem… a certain pair of ladies lingerie. (but we won’t talk about that)  Everyone had their dancing and drinking shoes on that night and it was once hell of a party!


Thank you so much Laura and Casey for the amazing day and having me at your wedding!

Paul SandersonComment