Rima and Matty

As I’ve been moving and developing in this creative industry and art called photography, I get few occasions to delve into different projects and the style and art that I love.  With each wedding and with each portrait session I grow.  With each milestone, I feel success, but also the need to improve and reach new heights.  Unsatisfied with where I am, but not knowing where it is I need to be.  I hear this is normal and I fear it is like chasing a rainbow.  You will never reach the end, but hopefully you learn on your journey.  Part of this reason is why I love photography.  A single photo can speak volumes about the models but also is a representation and message of who I am, and the way I see the world and my environment.  There are certain projects, events and people we meet that help us grow.  I had one such experience recently with two amazing women.

I had met Rima and Matty on a few occasions, and had the pleasure of sharing a drink or two with them as well.  Rima is the curator of Leztalk.ca and has an active social media presence, and Matty looks like she was born to be a model.  When Rima and Matty asked me to take photos of them, saying I was excited was perhaps an understatement.  Elated, enthusiastic, and inspired would be just a fraction of what I felt.  I truly saw this as an opportunity to flex my creative muscles and crystallize some thoughts and images that had been swirling around in my head for some time and just needed the right opportunity to do so.

Rima and Matty are gorgeous, witty, and stylish.  The location and the season were optimal and we had an edgy, dilapidated ruin, with a beautiful waterfall, all surrounded in falling foliage and soft beautiful light. The perfect day, with the perfect setting, with the perfect people.

The love I saw in these two women was beautiful and charming and engaging and drew me in.  In fact at one point we had an entire crowd watching us.

Thanks to both of you for giving me the opportunity to take your photo, and I hope everyone enjoys these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Paul Sanderson6 Comments