Chelsea and Brooks

Chelsea and Brooks' day was a lively, ornate and a creative mix of masculine and feminine elements. The decor was earthy, complex and beautifully eclectic. Set in a century old re-purposed church, the venue was the perfect location for the event. Every detail was carefully curated like the set of a movie, from the funky-fresh Motown sounds of the Hornettes Bands to the hand bleached skulls that lined the family style tables, that looked like something out of game of thrones. It was a beautiful production. 

A little bit about the couple, besides being two of the down right coolest folks I know.  Brooks is the owner of a cinema company and produces everything from advertisements to independent movies and is described as a creative genius by his friends, and you can see it in the way he lives his life and in every conversation.  Chelsea is as beautiful as she is kind with such a warm personaility.  The two really do compliment each other so well. 

Thank you Chelsea and Brooks for an amazing wedding and amazing people.

Venue: All Saints and Billings Estate Museum

Designer: Satin and Snow

Dress: Made with Love

Music: The Hornettes

DJ: Marc Charron

Hair and Makeup: Jenny Heaney and Erin den Ouden

Officiant: George Marriage

Catering: My Catering Group