Kate and Doug

I don't know exactly where to start with Kate and Doug's wedding, as I'm often lost for words when describing something so damn magnificent. It was a real pleasure to capture their day.

 People traveled from all over the globe to be there.  I met people from Dubai, Scotland, England and beyond.  Clearly a testimate to Kate and Doug.  All everyone could say was how sweet, kind and generous the two were and it was evident that they were surrounded by so much love and adoration.  

Kate is an expat living in London England and Doug is a London local.  The two met by complete chance at a rugby match in Dubai.  When you hear a story like theirs, it is pretty incredible to think about chance, timing and the odds of meeting one's soul mate half way around the world at a large sporting event. Yet it is pretty evident that these two are a perfect match. Doug's quiet nature compliments Kate's warmth and confidence. I mean... this girl really knew how to charm the camera.  

Side note: Can I just say that Ottawa weddings could use a few more London socials?  The attire was so dapper and elegant, everything I'd assume a proper British event would include, (but maybe that is because Pride and Prejudice has really swayed my opinions of what constitutes modern dress). 

The wedding took place at a family Estate in Dunrobin, the location was a dream, rolling hills, views of the Ottawa River, and charming old stone buildings. Straight out of a Jane Austin novel. 

Everyone was in fine form, the party really kicked into high gear when the Scotts started breaking it down to the amazing British cover band "The Start". There were casino tables and even an appearance from Ottawa's best Gellato, Stella Luna. 

Special thanks goes to Charlotte Northrope for her assistance during the day, and tip of the hat to the videographer Emily Beekman, it is always a pleasure to work with such amazing talent.  

Enjoy folks


Dress: Leanne marshal

Makeup: Klava Z makeup

Music: The start

desert: Stella Luna

Video: Emily Beekman

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