Kendra and Steve

I'm a huge fan of the outdoors.  I have a natural affinity with trees, mountains and lakes and every chance i can spend outdoors the better.  This past august Kendra and Steve were married at Temple Sugar Bush, surrounded by trees in a rustic setting west of Ottawa .  Those unfamiliar with the Ottawa area may not know that we live and "thrive" in the extremes.  Ridiculously cold and ridiculously Hot.  August, the latter of the two.  Kendra and Steve's wedding was in the mid 40's, yet the whole wedding party did amazing.  Even in the stylish sweat insulators, called a three piece suit, didn't deter the guys.

The first time I met Kendra and Steve we met over a pint and I swear it was like talking to a neighbour, as we chatted for a while about everything and anything.  They are two of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met.  Small town kids from Carlton Place who both are down to earth, crazy in love and have huge hearts.

Thank you to Kendra and Steve for having me part of their day.  Enjoy their story.

Paul SandersonComment