Gina and Nathan

I’ve known Gina for some time.  We started working together almost 15 years ago in Alberta, and as I write that I realize I’ve known her longer than the majority of people in my life.  Gina was my liberal bastion in a very conservative area of Canada, so she always had a special place in my heart.  We had many a good parties back in Lethbridge and it makes me feel old, but I remember her kids from when they were virtually babies (the same age as my kids now).  When she moved to Ottawa, I was excited to have another westerner out here. 

I still remember the first day I met Nathan at the pub.  He was well spoken, had a great sense of humour and liked his beer and food.  All good things in my books.  Life went on and we stayed in touch but I admit I was busy with life in general and it wasn’t until Gina and Nathan had their son Max and my son Rowen were born relatively close to the same time that we rekindled our mutual love for beer and food.  Since then Gina and Nathan have been one of our favourite couples in town to “adult” with over a good brew.  When we found out they got engaged, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  And as if she had superhuman planning skills, Gina unleashed and precisely planned and organized her wedding in a very short time.  With the help of my significant other Amanda (The Gathering Event Company), they planned the décor, venue and every fine detail.  

The venue of the wedding was Side door, a restaurant I never had the privilege to shoot.  The staff were incredible, some of the best in the industry, and the food blew my mind.  papaya Salad and tacos... yes please.  Also, I'm a foodie at heart and seeing the head chef of Side Door on the TV series "Top Chef Canada" is pretty cool.

I was so excited I got to be a part of the wedding, and capture some memories for them.  I admit I was filled with a lot of anxiety for their wedding and I’m not entirely sure where that came from.  Possibly the pressure of shooting a friends wedding, but I always love to create something for people I am close to.  But the day swept in and unfolded masterfully.  Just like that I saw two of my best friends get married and witness an amazing family come together!  Cheers Nathan and Gina on the Amazing wedding, the amazing friends and on a beautiful future together.