Annik and Remi

Annik and Remi celebrated their marriage at Bean Town Ranch, just outside of Rockland.  A beautiful venue with rustic barns, beautiful ponds and surrounded by nature.  Annik and Remi were the perfect couple: relaxed, excited and totally in love. 

Annik was so thrilled to be married on Canada Day, bringing all of her favourite people together from Ottawa region and Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario.  I’ve met several people from Kap before, and one thing they all have in common is their small town generosity and their excellent tolerance to booze.  Bean town seemed like the perfect location with great food, all the amenities and I can’t forget one of the most important attractions… Bean Town ranch has fireworks.

If anyone knows Canada day in the capital region, we typically have amazing weather interrupted by some random freak storm.  This day was no different.  We had incredible weather to begin the day, and right as we began their portraits the rain came… it was light at first, but by the time their first dance was to take place, the real storm hit.  We all became a new level of soaked.   However, Annik and Remi took it like champions.  And most importantly, when the storm broke Annik got her perfect moment with Remi, dancing under the night sky filled with fireworks!

Hats off to the amazing staff at Bean Town Ranch, the guest who shielded me from the torrential downpour and protected my gear and of course thank you Annik and Remi for including me on your incredible day!