Brenna and Alister

Brenna and Alistair are two incredible people who chose to celebrate their union in the most intimate way, surrounded by a group of their closest family and friends who share their passions for great food, craft beer and the outdoors. They chose the very cool and remote venue, in the picturesque Area surrounding Mont Tremblant.  The venue is an actual covered bridge that was renovated into a space and is nestled in a small neighborhood.

The decor was simple and spoke to the area around Mont Tremblant, with a host of wild flowers and greenery and of course maple deserts.

Brenna wore a beautiful and simple two pieces dress from lovers land, which spoke to her unique style. 

Venue: Le Pont Couvert Mont Tremblant

Caterer - sEb - L’artisan culinaire

Hair and Makeup - Chelsea Chawsky

Dress - Loversland. The top was their in-house brand and skirt was Mira Mandic

Flowers - Fleuriste St-Jovite