Jennifer and Martin

I'm not even sure where to start with Jenn and Martin's wedding.  I was absolutely blown away by the whole day, and find it hard to express and describe the amazing people and the stunning venue.

Jenn and Marty are two of the most genuinely incredible people.  Both were extremely relaxed, warm and just down right good human beings from the first time I met them.   So many of the guests I spoke with had such genuine love and nothing but kind words for these two.  It's easy to see where Jenn and Marty get their warm dispositions from.  Both Jenn and Marty's family were immediately welcoming to both Myself and Amanda (my assistant for the day and mother to my kids), and we didn't feel like we were just photographing from the sidelines, but an actual part of the wedding and the experience.  On the day that is most assuredly about them, Jenn and Marty were so concerned that everyone else was taken care of, had a great time and were certain that everyone's drinks were full.  All a testament to their character.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is also an amazing location for any venue.   We have memberships to the museum for our kids and I have spent many hours exploring the exhibits, but this was the first chance I had to shoot a wedding there.  It contains such beautiful modern and old touches all within its walls.  

I have to give a special shout out to Full Bloom Ottawa and Chic wedding planners for their amazing work this day.  The decor blew me away, and that head table was breath taking. 

Thanks to Jenn and Marty for being awesome and for allowing me the honour of capturing their wedding day.

Paul SandersonComment