Megan and Joe

Epic.  That is likely the best word I could use to describe Joe and Megan’s wedding. 

I have known Joe for some time.  In fact we worked side by side for over a year.  I have gotten to know him fairly well over the past few years and have seen something incredible in him.   He’s humble, ethical, passionate and meticulous, all wrapped up with a great sense of humour.  In the time that I have spent getting to know Joe, I also had the pleasure to meet Megan on a few occasions and could only describe her as a fountain of positive energy.  So when they asked me to photographer their wedding, I was thrilled. 

Joe stated he wanted something simple, with no headaches, right on their gorgeous property in Carp.  I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it did sound like something right up my alley.  I’m a big fan of elegant and personalized weddings, and their amazing property couldn’t help but make this an amazing day.  However, I somehow think Joe understated how simple his wedding was to be.  He is a craftsman, and a meticulous one at that.  The man built an amazing variety of items and it was nothing simple, but man was it beautiful. 

Before the wedding, I had the great pleasure of meeting Joe and Megan’s friends and also spending some time with both their families at the prestigious Carp bingo (great pie by the way).  I have grown up in small towns throughout BC and Alberta most of my life and there is a certain element, a feeling, that can be attributed to small town life and small town people that words just don’t quite capture.  It’s warm, welcoming, and reminds me of my time in Lethbridge, where I lived several years, and where my closest friends still live.  It also reminds me of my summers in small town Saskatchewan. It’s something I still crave in my interactions in Ottawa, which exist, but maybe isn’t quite as common in the big city.  But I think I found it in Joe and Megan’s family and friends.  It’s hard for me to describe how amazing both Joe and Megan’s friends and family are.  When first meeting Joe’s friends, I was swept up into a group of tight knit guys from all walks of life, and from all around Ontario.  Regardless of the fact that I just met them, I felt like I belonged with them and that I had known them for years.  It’s a rare ability for me to spend a day with some guys and then at the wedding say “oh that’s classic Dan.”  Or realize that I have so much to learn about partying from Megan’s Dad.

So all that being said, the incredible people, and the incredible day is a testament to this couple.  I had more than a few tears in my eyes during the ceremony and the speeches, as I felt like I really was a big part of the day.  So hats off to Megan and Joe and their family and friends.

Speaking of hats, Joe and Megan have a great recipe for epic parties…. Bring some great folks together, open the bar and throw in some hats… they throw epic “hat parties.”  Essentially, people drink and wear various hats… seems simple enough, but somewhere in that recipe is an amazing party.  Quite simply one of the best parties I have ever been to. 

Thank you again Megan and joe for including Amanda and I in your wedding, we love you guys.

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