Amanda and Ryan

Ottawa is a town filled with people who have relocated from all across the Country.  People come and people go, most coming to seek advancement in their careers or simply to find a safe, beautiful city.  But I have found that it is rare to find a room filled with people born and raised here.  Ryan and Amanda are no different.  They came to Ottawa a couple years ago from BC, and I actually knew Ryan from over ten years ago when we worked together for a short period of time.  As fate would have it, we have run into each other several times over the years and I’m pleased to have seen his career grow as well as his personal life.  


I met Amanda as the two planned their wedding day well over a year ago, and Amanda had some ambitious plans.  They intended to get married in the backyard of their new home in the town of Kemptville.  Amanda had a clear vision of her wedding day and intended to make it all a reality with meticulous precision.  I have never seen someone who had such a clear plan and schedule for completion for her wedding day.  For two years she designed and created a backyard wedding that was memorable, gorgeous and filled with unique pieces that speak to their tastes and their character.


People came from all over Canada to witness their beautiful day.  It was simple, gorgeous, emotional and filled with love.  I met some amazing people and connected with some old colleagues.  The day was perfect, even that short rain that helped cool us all down.  Thank you for including us on your wedding day Amanda and Ryan.  It was stunning and I couldn’t be happier for you two.

Paul SandersonComment